Wedding Favours

I am delighted to be able to provide either chutney, jam, marmalade or alcoholic miniature wedding favours for your big day.

All my wedding favours are made to the couple’s specific requirements and are made to order.

I offer the favours in miniature jars or bottles decorated with ribbon in the colour of  your choice and a personalised label.

Please contact me for details of what I can provide for you, and for quotations.

Strawberry jam wedding favours Strawberry jam wedding favours

Alcoholic Wedding Favours

Presented in miniature bottles these individual liqueurs make stunning gifts either as wedding favours or to mark an anniversary or other special occasion.

Damson gin: This is a delightfully fruity rich red liqueur – it looks and tastes amazing!

Limoncello Vodka: This traditional Italian liqueur originating from Sorrento is summery, light and delicious. (coming soon!)



One thought on “Wedding Favours

  1. Hi May happy new year to you all. Chutney for Faye’s wedding great may need to up the numbers to 90 but if possible can you order me the same ribbon as my baker friend is making shortbread for the ladies if that’s ok. Also how much is the elderflower fizz and cordial. You can ring me on 01275 859020 if necessary. Lots of love Cheryl x

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