Silver Awards

The long awaited results are in! The competition this year was stiff at The Marmalade Awards at Dalemain Mansion in Cumbria. 

I’m delighted to announce that May’s Kitchen won 2 Silver Awards.  

Fine Cut Ave Maria Marmalade and my Ginger & Cardamom Marmalade.

It’s a re-affirmation that I’m doing the right thing with my marmalade. 

I won’t get my silver stickers for a while to decorate my jars, but when they arrive I’ll proudly show them off! 

If anyone would like a jar of my award winning marmalade for friends, family or your own breakfast toast I’d be delighted to sell you a jar or two!


Ave Maria Marmalade


I’m still making marmalade! At the moment I’m also tasting it and deciding which batch to send off to the Marmalade Awards in Cumbria later this week.

I’ve got three to choose from:

The boozy one, or as the competition organisers call it “Merry Marmalade”. Mine has got Spanish Sherry in it, inspired by the origin of my organic Seville oranges I’ve used to make it. It’s also where we go on our family summer holidays so it is a perfect fit in my opinion.

The spiced one has a delightful combination of crystallised ginger and cardamom. They compliment the bitter oranges very well and leave your mouth with a lovely warm gingery taste that’s really interesting but not overpowering.

The third is Ave Maria Marmalade. This fine cut (by hand) marmalade is made from the best organic oranges – sourced from a family run orange grove in Seville called Ave Maria Farm. Their dedication to their oranges means their produce is in tip top condition and that means tip top marmalade!

They are of such good quality that it takes only a few minutes of “hard boiling” to achieve a set, because of the excellent levels of pectin contained in them.

This year I’m calling my marmalade made with these oranges ‘Ave Maria Marmalade’.

I’m hoping that the judges at the Marmalade Awards taste the goodness in those little golden jars…the bar has already been set pretty high, but I’m keen to have another go!


Mad about Marmalade


I have just finished my last batch- and, although I don’t want to get too carried away, I think it’s the best one so far! Exciting stuff (well, not unless you are an artisan preserver!)….

The past week or so, I have been enjoying the heady aromas of gently simmering citrus. Quite lovely.

It is amazing really, to think of the transformation that the bitter orange takes, and that the result is a golden, delicious balance of sweetness & flavour.

I am cutting my peel pretty finely, and it looks beautiful in the jars. Let’s hope the judges at the Marmalade Awards in Cumbria think so too….this one is definately being entered.