Hot Crabapple & Chilli Jelly


The latest addition to my range is Crabapple & Chilli Jelly. It’s hot! Hotter than it looks, even! The colour of the jelly, made from the crabapples in my garden, is a beautiful blush pink.

The crabapples are simmered, together with the red chillis (and their seeds!), and then I add a chopped chilli just before potting. The result is scrummy. Fruity & hot!



Present perfection


Are you stuck for present ideas this Christmas?

How about a gift of local, home made, hand made seasonal jam, chutney or jelly to accompany any meal over the festive season?

My consignment of wicker hampers arrived last week and I am busy filling them with four jars of tasty treats for the festive season, all wrapped up with a touch of style! They are simple, but elegant and make the perfect present for any foodie.

If you are looking for something a little smaller (but just as tasty!), I have two & three jar gift sets available. They make great, easy-to-carry perfect presents.

I am taking orders now for both gift sets and Christmas hampers. If you would like to talk “jam” please call me on 07776656137 or email and I will send you a price list & menu for May’s Kitchen goodies!


Redcurrant & Mint Jelly

The jelly is ready!

Sparkling red jars with little flecks of chopped mint leaf and a sprig of mint suspended inside – just for fun.

If I’m honest, I hadn’t planned to make this jelly. However, when I saw the lovely bright red berries, I decided I had to!

The redcurrants, are grown and harvested less than 2 miles from my kitchen. This means they could not be fresher! It not only supports my local community of fruit farmers but it also means the things I am making are full of the finest and freshest fruit possible.

Using high quality fruit means a better tasting jar – so these jars will be simply a delight. They look great and taste wonderful.