For those of you that know me and my husband (Phil), you’ll probably be aware that we are cider makers.

For those of you who don’t- we make cider!

We make a craft cider. That means a ‘real’ cider, traditionally made using 100% Kent dessert apples. It’s a still, dry cider that tastes refreshing, light and of apples! It’s delicious!

This year, as many of you know, we are up scaling production as our cider went down extremely well last year. So we are doing it bigger this year, much, much bigger..

May’s Kitchen will be selling our craft cider and flavouring it with some Kent fruit.

This year we will be offering :

Dry Cider
and Elderflower Cider together with Medium Cider and possibly a fruity little number (to be confirmed!)

Our ciders will be available by the individual bottle / case of bottles or box (10/20 litres), which are ideal for larger gatherings & parties.

Contact me for a price list. Delivery dependant on area- currently Kent based.

Kent Fruit Liqueurs

Damson Gin

A rich, dark red gin based liqueur made with red, wild damsons. The ultimate stylish tipple. Designed to be drunk on its own as a sweet shot! Available in 350 ml bottles or 50ml miniature bottles.

Limoncello Vodka Coming soon!

A bright, summery lemon liqueur, originally from Sorrento in Italy. This is a lovely sweet drink, ideal after a meal. COMING SOON! Contact me for details if interested.



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