About me


My name is May. I am Phil’s wife, and “Mummy” to Wilfred and Teddy.

The boys (big and small) and I live in the Weald of Kent.  Although we planned to buy a house within walking distance to a local pub (for Phil, of course), we ended up in a pretty rural spot. From our house you can see the traditional Kentish Oasts dotted between apple orchards that bask in the southern sunshine on the ridge.

May’s Kitchen is a small business selling home-made preserves, conserves, marmalades and chutneys.

The concept has been inspired by 2 things.

1. My son, Wilfred. At the age of 3, he ate only sandwiches. Jam sandwiches. Only jam. Not any of the traditional sandwich fillers hit the spot. “No” to ham, cheese, chicken, or anything else…So, instead of insisting that he eat “grown-up” fillings like Mummy & Daddy, I bought a preserving pan. If that is all he will eat, I’ll make him delicious jam myself!

2. The beautiful and plentiful fruit from great local farms and orchards on our doorstep. It’s not called “The Garden of England” for nothing!

Everything is made by hand, by me, in super small batches in an open pan & totally traditional way, to preserve freshness and flavour.


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