Chutney: a savoury preserve…

It’s chutney season in my kitchen at this time of year. My chutneys are very popular for foodie gifts to sit alongside the traditional cheeseboard. To be honest, I can’t really keep up with demand! 

It takes a long time to cook and normally has a long list of ingredients, and it needs to be made sufficiently early so that it matures in time..

This year I have added a new flavour to my range ~ Beetroot & Apple Chutney. It’s amazing pink colour is so stunning and it is a great blend of sharp apple and sweet, earthy flavour of the beetroot. A touch of ginger and it is rounded off beautifully. Just what you need in a good chutney- a mature balance of all the ingredients. 

My range this season is: 

Beetroot & Apple Chutney

Apricot & Orange Chutney

Christmas Chutney

Pear & Walnut Chutney

Quince & Lemon Chutney

Chilli Jam (which is really a chutney..)

All £5 per jar. Luxury wicker hampers available – £27:50 for 4 jars (2 x jam & 2 x chutney)

Orders being taken! Email or message me to place an order. Don’t be disappointed- I’ve got limited stock..

May x


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